How to Use Basic Voicemail

Step 1: Record your greeting

1. Dial 779-9005
2. If asked to enter a mailbox number, enter the number the voice mail is set up on
3. Enter your passcode (default is ‘0000’) then press # (you will have the option to change your passcode later)
4. Press 9 for Mailbox setup
5. Press 1 for Greeting options
6. There is currently no greeting recorded
7. Press 2 to Re-record your greeting
8. Press # when you have finished recording
9.Press 1 if you would like to listen to your greeting
10. Press * to return to the main menu
11. Press the * key twice to return to the main menu

Step 2: Changing your passcode – from the main menu

1. Press 9 for Mailbox setup
2. Press 2 to change your passcode
3. Please enter your new passcode followed by the # key
4. To verify your new passcode please enter it now followed by the # key
5. Press * to return to the main menu or hang up if you are finished

Note: If you do not wish to change your passcode or greeting, you can keep the default settings. When you enter the number or ‘mailbox id’ there is a standard greeting for each tree. The generic greeting states, ‘The party you have dialed does not answer. Please leave a message after the tone. When you are finished you may simply hang up or press # for more options.

Step 3: To Set Call Forwarding

Call Forward Busy

  • Dial *90
  • At the dial tone, enter 779-9005
  • Hang up

Call Forward No Answer

  • Dial *92
  • At the dial tone, enter 779-9005
  • Hang up

You should test the mailbox setup by calling into your voice mail and listening to the greetings. Follow the greeting to each mailbox to make sure that it directs you to the appropriate tree mailboxes. If you have any questions about your Voice Mail service from Horizon, please feel free to give us a call at 772-8331.

Thank you for subscribing to our Voice Mail Service. We appreciate your business.