How do I program my URC2069 Pulse Remote?

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1.  Turn on your TV.

2.  On the remote control, press and hold SETUP until LED blinks twice.

3.  Press the “TV POWER” key.

4.  Aim the remote control at the device. Press and hold down the DIGIT 

     key for your TV brand:

     1. Insignia / Dynex 2. LG / Zenith 3. Mitsubishi 4. Panasonic 

     5. Philips / Magnavox 6. Samsung 7. Sharp 8. Sony 9. Toshiba 0. Vizio

5. Let go of the key when your TV turns off. Setup is complete.

6.  If the power LED blinks twice, the code was successful. If there is one long blink, the setup failed. 


NOTE : To locate a code for a TV brand that is not listed, press and hold SETUP until the LED blinks twice. Press and hold down the OK/SELECT key. Let go of the OK/SELECT key when the TV turns off. 


* DVR service functionality not compatible with this remote.

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