Spam Management

Spam Management

1. Open your web browser and go to

2 . Enter your full email address and password then select Mail Settings in the drop down box labeled “Go to:” and press the Sign in button

3. From the menu on the left, select Spam Management.

4. To view messages trapped in your quarantine, select Quarantined Mail from the menu on the left.  Please note: Messages trapped in the Quarantined Mail folder will automatically be deleted after 15 days.

5. Select a message by checking the box next to perform an action on that message.

6. To deliver the message to your inbox, click the Please deliver normally link. To delete the message from your quarantine, click the Please delete permanently link. Please note: Using the deliver normally and delete permanently links will not automatically create   whitelists or blacklists.

7. To set blacklist and whitelist rules or see more details of a message in your quarantine, click the subject of the message.

8. While viewing an individual message you can select an option from the Action menu, and click Execute to perform that action.


List Management

1. To manage whitelists and blacklists click the Spam Management link in the menu.
2. Here, you can select a spam list to view or edit.

3. From Whitelist - When an incoming email matches your whitelist, the message will always be delivered to your mailbox. A whitelist match always takes precedence over other email rules.

4.From Blacklist - When an incoming email is FROM an email address on your from blacklist, then it will not be delivered to your inbox, instead it will be trapped in your spam quarantine.  There is no reason to blacklist email addresses that are already getting caught in your quarantine.

To add an email address to the From Blacklist you can copy and paste it from an email in your inbox into the Enter a new value: field and then click the Add button.

5. Subject Blacklist - The subject blacklist works just like the from blacklist, except that it looks at the SUBJECT of an incoming email instead of the FROM email address.

6.A window will pop-up where you can view, edit, or modify your whitelist and blacklists. Please read the instructions in the pop-up window for creating or editing blacklists and whitelists.